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Perfect World Charmed aims to offer a stable and stress free server.


Start with level 100 out of 105, MID rate server, Automated and GM made events, good starter pack and we aim to have the biggest collection of customisations.


No custom gear or overpowered donations. Nothing that is pay to win.

Patch notes version 12

Fixed - Spce-time Door GFX
Opened map Mirrorflower Treasury
Faction icons was updated.
Made a quest that will teleport you inside hidden dragon den instead of doing the normal quest...
Added partial ranking system on website. The rewards and displaying other rankings


Patch notes version 11

-Fixed Flowsilver Palace
-Fixed Sky Pirate Drake's Airship and his minions.
-Updated guild icons.
-Added Title Unlock on website.
-Added one 1x Attendance Sheet 50% chance to get 2 from :
Adalwolf Legion Commander
Zombie Legion Marshal
Legion Marshal


Game Update version 10

I moved our home to a more powerful server and brought 4 IPS each have 1GB dedicated connection. 1 is for the server 3 are for you. Please change your link when you login.
Thank you!


Game version 9

Fixed Cage quest for Veno
Added new Eyes textures
New Event "The Charmed Dragon"
Coin Event Available in Northen Outskirts.
Faction icons upda


Game version 7

Guild icons for all factions.
Added newts pwi titles and all titles from EPW.
Added Elysian Seal at Charmed NPC and boutique.
Added Close Meridians on site under Web Shop.
Fixed all bug reports.

Closed realm of reflection and you are now allowed to meditate in


Game version 5

Added 2x npc with flyers.Added Homeasted Pack that will award one random material to craft homeasted weapons. The pack is sold in, Boutique and Charmed NPC.Fixed multiple things.


Game version 4

Hello all.

Fixed the website support button.

Upgraded the site so that we can add same sex marriage and so on.

Added new daily quests at charmed npc:

Brimstone Pit = 3 Charmed Chests

Eden = 3 Charmed Chests

Hellfire Abom


Server Status

Server is open.


Rankings and small changes.

Hello, I want to announce that on 15th this month rankings will start counting and by this i want to give everyone a fair start.

Update 6 Content
Fixed Homestead

Added Super EXP mobs:
Morai - Super MobsFire Eater
Momaganon - Super Mobs
Convulsing De


Server is now online

Welcome all!!!

To be frank with you all still have some fixing to do! I can't guaranty that this server will be a success, but you can bet that I will do everything in my power to make it a hit! I will love it if you guys can give me a hand by inviting friends over, in ret



Hello, It's me Obnoxious!

Is hard to make a free to play and play to win game in our days with such a big market... here goes nothing.
My plans are:

    -Easy and fun gearing.
    -Vote and online gold rewards.
    -Automated and Admin/GM hoste


Our Rules

Perfect World Charmed is a growing community and it is our goal to establish a friendly, helpful and enjoyable community. In order to make sure that above mentioned aspects are guaranteed, there are some boundaries set which are in form of Rules and


Vote Competition

In debate


Please spread the word

Please spread the word and join our discord server:


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